A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Hater Dog Against the World

Game Profile

  • Genre: Shoot 'em up
  • Platform: PC & Mac
  • Mode: Single-player


Game developed in 48 hours for the Student Game Jam VII (AEV:https://itch.io/jam/student-game-jam-vii). Theme: "Inconvenient Superpowers".

Made with Unity.


The awesome struggle of a dog with psychic superpowers against a vacuums army trying to take him down. Hater Dog uses his amazing skills to convert his rage into exploding cats and grandmas.

Hater Dog Against the World is a vertical manic shoot 'em up game looking to pay tribute to all those classic arcade shooters that everybody has played at least once; including things like scaling difficulty, variety of attacks and power-ups, and multitude of procedurally combined enemy wave patterns.

Install instructions

[Portable] Extract the content of the zip file and double-click


HaterDogMacOSX.zip 17 MB
HaterDog.zip 15 MB